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Traffic Control & Safety
Accident Reconstruction  
Accident Reconstruction & Safety Apparel  
Accident Reconstruction & Sight Distance  
Accident Reconstruction & Traffic Control  
Asphalt Paving Claim  
Asphalt Paving Joint  
Athletic Field Construction  
Auto Accident  
Auto Accident/ Manhole  
Auto Accident/ Roadway  
Auto Accident/Guiderail  
Auto/ Pedestrian Accident  
Auto/Barrier (Bollard) Accident  
Auto/Ped/Intersection Accident  
Bicycle Fall at Pavement Expansion Joint  
Bicycle/Auto Accident  
Bridge /Roadway Construction Traffic Control  
Bridge Appurtenance/ Inspection  
Bridge Damage  
Bridge Damage from Truck Fire  
Bridge Deck Deterioration  
Bridge Deck/Temporary Traffic Control  
Bridge Deterioration  
Bridge Inspection Oversight  
Bus Step Down  
Bus/ Pedestrian/ Intersection Accident  
Bus/Pedestrian Accident  
Car/Bus Accident  
Car/Truck Accident  
Clear Zone Maintenance  
Clear Zones/ Auto Accident  
Community flooding  
Construction Accident/ Temporary Traffic Control  
Construction Lift  
Construction/ Roadway Vehicle/Ped/ Accident  
Crosswalk/ Auto/Pedestrian accident  
Directional Drilling/ Grouting  
Driveway Construction  
Driveway/ Roadway Intersection  
Embankment Erosion, Swimming Pool Repairs  
Erosion and Sediment Control  
Excavation Accident  
Fall in Construction Zone  
Fall on Railroad Ballast  
Fall on Step-up at Train Platform  
Fall/Ice in Street  
Falling Hazard  
Flagman Duties  
Flooding, Basement Wall Collapse  
Ground Slope  
Guiderail End Treatment 
Guy Wires from Utility Poles  
Highway Drainage/ Vehicle Accident  
Highway/ Railroad Accident  
Hole in Cemetery Grounds  
Hole in Roadway  
House Fire House Flooding  
Ice in Parking Lot  
Ice on Roadway  
Intersection Accident  
Intersection Auto Accident/ Sight Distance  
Intersection Construction  
Intersection Layout/Truck-Auto Accident  
Intersection Maintenance  
Intersection Sight Distance  
Intersection Timing  
Intersection/ Auto Accident  
Intersection/ Auto/ Truck Accident  
Intersection/ Auto-Pedestrian Accident  
Lake Wall Collapse – Flooding  
Lifting Accident  
Construction Accident  
Median Area Construction  
Median Barrier Design  
Motel Flooding  
Motorcycle Accident. Roadway Maintenance  
Motorcycle/ Roadway Construction Work Zone  
MPT/Rdwy RR crossing  
Parking Lot Pothole  
Parking Lot Signage  
Parking Lot Slip and Fall  
Parking Lot Traffic Control  
Parking Lot/ Drainage Design and Maintenance  
Parking Lot/ Fair/ Vehicle Accident  
Parking Lot/Snowplow/ Pedestrian Accident  
Paving/Roadway Inlet  
Pedestrian - Truck accident Animation  
Pedestrian Dart Out  
Pedestrian/Truck Accident  
Pedestrian/Vehicle Collision  
Playground Accident  
Playground Merry-Go-Round Accident  
Pothole/Bicycle Accident  

Previously Investigated Subjects

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Property Drainage  
Property Flooding/ Basement Wall Collapse  
Railroad/ Truck Accident  
Ramp Geometry  
Retention Basin  
Retention Basin/ Well Contamination  
Roadway Accident  
Roadway Accident/ Barrier Design  
Roadway Accident/ Parking Lot  
Roadway Alignment/ Auto Accident  
Roadway Barriers  
Roadway Clear Zone  
Roadway Collapse/ Motorcycle Accident  
Roadway Conditions/ Auto Accident  
Roadway Configuration  
Roadway Construction Staging  
Roadway Construction Temporary Traffic Control 
Roadway Construction Zone Accident  
Roadway Construction Zone/ Auto Accident  
Roadway Construction/ Accident Reconstruction  
Roadway Curve  
Roadway Design  
Roadway Design/ Clear Zone  
Roadway Design/ Motorcycle Accident  
Roadway Design/Lighting  
Roadway Design/Maintenance, Construction and Accident Reconstruction  
Roadway Drainage  
Roadway Drainage/ Auto Accident  
Roadway Drainage/ Construction  
Roadway Drainage/Icing  
Roadway Drop-off / Motorcycle Accident  
Roadway Edge Drop Off  
Roadway Flooding  
Roadway Guiderail/ Auto Accident  
Roadway Intersection Collision  
Roadway Intersection/ Auto Accident  
Roadway Lighting  
Roadway Maintenance Roadway Maintenance  
Roadway Maintenance, Pothole  
Roadway Maintenance, Tar and Chip, Temporary Traffic Control  
Roadway Median/ Accident Reconstruction  
Roadway Paving  
Roadway Paving and Temporary Traffic Control  
Roadway Paving/Cross Slopes  
Roadway Pothole  
Roadway Sight Lines  
Roadway Signing/ Accident  
Roadway Surface/ Auto Accident  
Roadway Widening, Roadway Maintenance  
Roadway/ Construction Accident  
Roadway/Bridge Median  
Sidewalk Defect  
Sidewalk Dining Protection  
Sidewalk Maintenance  
Sidewalk Safety  
Sidewalk Trip Hazard  
Sight Distance Sight Distance/ Construction Traffic Control  
Signage, Boat Ramp  
Slip and Fall  
Slip and Fall on Ballast  
Slip and Fall/ Parking Lot 
Slip on Truck Loading Dock  
Slip/Trip and Fall  
Slipped on Wet Area on Platform  
Snow Shoveling/Ice Chipping  
Speed Bumps  
Stair Tread Slope  
Stepped into Bridge Joint  
Street Sweeper/Truck Accident  
Subsurface Exploration Standards  
Temporary Traffic Control  
Temporary Traffic Control/ Truck Accident  
Traffic Control  
Traffic Control/ Accident Reconstruction  
Traffic Signals/ Intersection Accident  
Train Car Collision  
Trenching/Tree Fall  
Trip and Fall  
Trip/Slip and Fall in Cemetery  
Truck Accident/ Reconstruction  
Truck Hit Bridge  
Truck Hit Wire, Utility Pole  
Truck/ Bicycle Accident  
Truck/ Bridge Collision  
Truck/Auto Accident  
Truck/Pedestrian Accident  
Truck/Train Collision  
Vacuum Truck Operation and Worker Fall  
Vehicle Accident Reconstruction  
Vehicle/Pedestrian Accident  
Water Main Leak on Highway  
Water on Roadway  
Water/Ice on Roadway, Vehicle Accident  
Wheel Stop  
Wire Barrier
Accident Reconstruction
Highway & Bridge Expert