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Accident Reconstruction
Highway & Bridge Expert
Traffic Control & Safety
A young firm with an experienced staff. Kolmus Consulting’s purpose is to provide engineering expertise at a reasonable cost to our clients who include attorneys and insurance companies. Our experienced and knowledgeable staff will investigate, analyze, report and, if needed, testify about your accident/incident. Included in the analysis of your accident/incident will be its cause, the relevant engineering standards and practice and identification of those responsible for the design/construction/inspection/maintenance of the items at issue. These steps in the evaluation of your case whether as an Accident Reconstructionist, Highway Expert, Bridge Expert, Traffic Control and Safety Expert, or any of our other areas of expertise listed below is standard policy at Kolmus Consulting, LLC. 

Our areas of expertise include:
  • Vehicular Accident Reconstruction and Animation
  • Highway Expert and Bridge Expert in Design, Construction, Maintenance and Inspection
  • Traffic Control and Safety Expert
  • Stormwater Management, Drainage and Flooding Expert
  • Premises Liability Expert, Slip/Trip and Fall Expert
  • Playground Safety Expert

Our engineering staff has advanced degrees with many years of experience as a Highway Designer, Bridge Designer, as well as, on the forensic side, an Accident Reconstructionist, Highway Expert, Bridge Expert, Traffic Control and Safety Expert and the related fields listed. This yields a staff with a strong and in-depth theoretical base and years of practical experience to mature the schooled theories. We contrast with many experts who either have only a strong theoretical foundation without much practical field experience prior to entering forensics or a weak theoretical foundation with years of work experience.  

The combination of these criteria creates an intellectual and yet practical review of your case, yielding the most accurate answers to your questions. Our efforts are thorough, precise and practical.  
Our experts have worked on plaintiff, defense and criminal cases. Our in-depth hands-on approach has assisted attorneys in each of our areas. We provide up-front, honest evaluations of cases with opinions regarding the attorney’s side of the case and insights into the opposing attorney’s side of the case.  

Our work and opinions are founded not only on our experience but on fact and documentation by reputable organizations that have authority to comment on the matter under discussion.  
We offer quality evaluations at a reasonable cost. Our staff of highly qualified experts offers timely and courteous service with professionalism. We look forward to working with you.

Providing Forensic Investigations, Reports and Expert Analysis as Accident Reconstructionists, Highway Experts, Bridge Experts, Traffic Control and Safety Experts and more.

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