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Traffic Control & Safety
Starting in March of 2012, Russell J. Kolmus III, PE opened the doors of Kolmus Consulting, LLC to provide quality forensic engineering services. This includes efforts to keep costs reasonable and yet provide quality engineering investigations through an experience and well educated staff.

After obtaining his Bachelor’s degree from Drexel University, our founder, Russell J. Kolmus III, PE, went on to get his Master’s degree from Cornell University. His field experience includes 28 years of design and construction engineering experience in highways, bridges and their appurtenances. He also has performed forensic investigations, written reports and given expert testimony as a Highway Expert, Bridge Expert, Accident Reconstructionist, Traffic Control and Safety Expert and in those areas listed below since 2003. Mr. Kolmus has evaluated over 350 different cases and testified in many of those cases. His expertise is recognized by many insurance and legal firms.

Additionally, after the bridge collapse in Minneapolis, Minnesota, Mr. Kolmus appeared on several television programs, including the Today Show, Fox News, and NBC10 @ Issue to offer opinions regarding the cause of the collapse.  

Mr. Kolmus’ expertise includes:
Vehicular Accident Reconstruction and Animation
Highway Expert and Bridge Expert in their Design, Construction, Maintenance and Inspection
Traffic Control and Safety Expert
Stormwater Management, Drainage and Flooding Expert
Premises Liability Expert, Slip/Trip and Fall Evaluation Expert
Playground Safety Expert

Mr. Kolmus is not only an accident reconstructionist but is also a Highway expert, Bridge expert, Traffic Control and Safety Expert and Drainage Expert.  This means that when Mr. Kolmus evaluates your case all of those areas of expertise are also covered. There is no need to hire experts in other areas. This yields an efficient use of your expert dollars.

Kolmus Consulting’s commitment to a quality product, timely service, and reasonable rates while providing a multi-disciplined view of your case by a single engineer provides you with an efficient and cost effective use of your expert dollars.

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